Timeline of events leading up to the 20/18-points Agreements (1962)


MARCH 21 At a meeting of the Greater Malaysia Committee there was agreement that it would be preferable to wait for the Cobbold Commission, which had been tasked with as sessment of suppor t for the proposal in North Borneo and Sarawak, to complete its report, in order to consider its fi ndings before a decision was made on the federation of Malaysia.

JUNE 21 The Cobbold Report was completed and submitted to the prime ministers of Britain and Malaya (confi dentially).

The repor t concluded that one third fully supported the idea, one thi rd were in favour provided that safeguards were included, and the remai ning one third were divided between those who would prefer Nort h Borneo and S arawa k to gain independence prior to the merger and those who rejected the merger outright.

The commission’s view was – firm support for a federated Malaysia (with transfer of sovereignty within twelve months), in coporating at ransitional arrangement i n which the British would remain for the fi rst few years.

JULY 31 The B riti sh and Malayan governments decided in principle that the proposed Federation of Malaysia shold be brought into being by Aug 31, 1963.

An Inter- Governmental committee (IGC) was to be formed to work on future consitutional arrangements.

AUGUST The Report was published to all pa rties. Repor tedly, thi s came as a surpri se to Nor th Borneo.

AUGUST 13-14 Donald Stephens convened a meeting of political leaders who drew up a 14 point (later 20 point) memorandu m of minimum demands. This gained sup port from Sarawak.

SEPTEMBER 12 AND 26 North Borneo and Sarawak legis lative council agreed to the formation of Malaysia on condition that state rights were safeguarded.