Fatimah: Share mooncake legend and folklores with others


IT’S OFFICIAL: Fatimah presents a letter of appointment to Penghulu Lim as community leader Yussibnosh looks on.


DALAT: It is very important for the Chinese community to be proactive in spreading the message of love and loyalty exemplified by legend and folklores behind the Mid-Autumn festival in order to create a harmonious multi-racial society that is dynamic, resilient and progressive, said Minister in Chief Minister’s Department Datin Fatimah Abdullah.

Fatimah made the remarks in her speech as guest-of-honour at the Mid-Autumn Festival organised by SJK(C) Chin Hua Dalat school management board here last Saturday. It was also attended by Dalat District Officer Yussibnosh Balo, Dalat district police chief DSP Martin Kho, Dalat Chiang Chuan Association charman Sim Tong Tee, school management board chairman Penghulu Lim Chee Kiew, parent-teacher association chairperson Goh Lee Fong and headmaster Wong Hock Ann.

“It is imperative for us to spread the message of love not only within our family but also throughout the community at large.

We must teach our children to love their parents, relatives, friends and peers, irrespective of their racial background and creed. Additionally, we must teach our children to respect our national leaders and be loyal to our beloved country at all times,” said Fatimah telling her audience to emulate the strong love between ancient Chinese swordsman Houyi who, according to legend, built a palace on the sun for his lover Chang’e who lived on the moon during the Ming Dynasty, and also a Chinese folklore describing how the Chinese defeated the Mongols who controlled their land by spreading their message of unity and strategy through mooncakes during the Yuan Dynasty.

Viewing that mooncake festival is celebrated widely not only in Malaysia but also all over the world, Fatimah took the opportunity to called on the Chinese to invite their non-Chinese friends and neighbours to join the celebration to create greater bond and understanding consistent with the 1Malaysia policy.

The Dalat assemblywoman also presented community leader appointment letter to Penghulu Lim Chee Kiew before she joined other guests to enjoy the sumptuous food and entertainment.