Neighbourhood clubs in rural areas to unite and protect communities


CERTIFIED: Alexander presents the KRT Sungai Mapai certificate to Sandai (second left) as Jendri (third right), Susan (second right) and Ugap (left) look on.

KANOWIT: The National Unity and Integration Department (NUID) aims to set up more Neighbourhood Committee Clubs (KRT) in the rural areas, said NUID Sibu assistant officer Jendri Mangku.

The objectives of KRT were to unite club members and maintain the security of residential areas, explained Jendri.

“We never know when and where unforeseen circumstances can happen and so we want to
encourage every neighbourhood to set up a KRT,” she said at the opening of KRT Sungai Mapai held at Rumah Sandai Lamit in Sungai Mapai here on Saturday.

Jendri added that once set up, a club should ensure all its programs achieved the best impact possible, in line with its established objectives.

She said the Sungai Mapai KRT was the sixth formed in Ngemah state constituency under the Kanowit district.

The others are Sungai Tuah KRT, Nanga Dap KRT, Nanga Ngungun KRT, Nanga Tada KRT and Ulu Tuah KRT.

She said those who want to form a KRT in their area should go to the nearest NUID office for further assistance.

Meanwhile, Ngemah assemblyman Alexander Vincent officiated at the function.

Among those present were Alexander’s wife Susan Clement, SAO Jabang Juntan, Penghulu Ugap Seribu, Penghulu Barnabas Angkis and Tuai Rumah Sandai Lamit.