Mawan: Good to always engage various people


KUCHING: Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) believes in engaging the people, regardless of them being BN-friendly or otherwise.

According to its president, Tan Sri William Mawan, the party had been reaching out to non-political groups and non-governmental organisations through many of its social forums.

“We do not believe in excluding people just because they are not with the BN government. They may not be with us because they do not understand our policies, which is why it is important to engage them to make them feel they are a part of things. Anything that is not clear to each other can be explained and clarified through interactions,” he said in a phone interview yesterday.

Mawan, who is also Minister of Social Development and Urbanisation, was asked to comment on Parti Rakyat Sarawak’s plan to reach out to intellectual groups that are hostile to the BN government.

“As far as SPDP is concerned, we have been doing that all along. It is an on-going process. It is an important thing to do in order to foster better understanding among all,” he said.

He added that most of these groups did turn up when they were invited to forums organised by SPDP.