Villages no longer receive outright grant direct


Datuk Dr James Dawos

KUCHING: Villages in the Mambong parliamentary constituency will no longer receive outright grants (OG) said its MP, Datuk Dr James Dawos yesterday.

Instead of giving the OG to the village development and security committee (JKKK), the grant, meant for building projects, would be given directly to the contractor, explained Dawos.

He explained that such action was taken in view of the many cases whereby the OG was not spent for the said purpose, but kept by the JKKK.

“From now onward, my office (service centre) will not issue the OG directly to the JKKK. Instead, a contractor will build the projects with the given OG,” said the Deputy Tourism Minister at the prize giving of Padawan Municipal Council’s landscape competition at SK Gayu, Kampung Gayu, about 60km from here.

Dawos pointed out that such change in giving the OG was also because the service centre had not received reports from many villages given the OG, adding that such report was important for auditing purpose.

Expressing his disappointment over such a negative attitude, he further explained that the OG was different from funds meant for the JKKK activities, which had a ceiling of RM5,000.

The MP also expressed his unhappiness over the attitude of a contractor who had not built several roads in the constituency, despite the project being approved in March.

Meanwhile, Dawos was puzzled why SK Gayu only received RM50,000 where as other mission schools received between RM20,000 and RM250,000.

The limited funds have contributed to the failure in completing the school hall.

Dawos pointed out that he would keep to his promise to complete the hall, saying that a contractor would be sent to the school next week to estimate the cost to complete the project.