Thursday, February 2

No seats to share now – DPM


PENAMPANG: Barisan Nasional component parties may have to be satisfied with the present seat allocation in the next general elections, as to date, no new ones are available to be given out.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, in disclosing this, however explained that the existing ‘political formula’ practised by the BN will ensure that seat allocation will be divided based on common consensus.

“Of course each party would hope for more representation through additional seats, but we have an existing formula, both at the state or national level, (to determine allocation of seats) and it is done through discussion to find common consensus,” he said.

The BN deputy chairman also said new seats are only possible through the
Election Commission’s delineation exercise which usually happens once in every eight or 10 years.

“Then it would be possible for more parliamentary and state seats to be shared among the component parties. For now, since there is no delineation, there are no new seats to share. I think it is likely that the seat sharing formula will remain status quo (among parties).

“It is quite normal for component parties to request for additional seats but presently, there is none available. I mean I can give you this seat (referring to the chair he was sitting on) but no one would want this,” he said jokingly.