Friday, December 13

Apple slashes fourth-quarter iPad orders: Report


SAN FRANCISCO: Apple has cut fourth-quarter iPad orders from its manufacturing partners, the first time since the tablet was launched last year, US media reported Monday, said Xinhua News.

Citing an investment report from JP Morgan Chase, Bloomberg reported that several supply chain vendors indicated that Apple has lowered fourth-quarter iPad orders by 25 percent, the first time analysts have seen since the device hit the market.

The report did not say which companies have reported the cut and it is unclear why Apple slashed the shipments.

Analysts said it could be a strategy by Apple, slowing down iPad 2 production to prepare for the launch of iPad 3, and the company could also choose to be conservative due to weakening demand in Europe under the current economic conditions.

According to statistics from research firm Gartner, iPad dominates the current tablet computer market, accounting for nearly 75 percent of sales this year.

Gartner also expects Apple to sell around 47 million iPads this year, up from the 14.7 million last year.

Meanwhile, Amazon is to unveil a tablet this week, which is expected to shake up the industry and even become an “iPad killer” with the support of its e-commerce platform.