Wednesday, August 5

Hollywood actor shoots film in Sabah


KOTA KINABALU: Hollywood actor Jason Scott Lee set his foot on the Land Below the Wind here yesterday for a National Geographic Channel shooting and built houses for the poor in Kota Belud under the Habitat of Humanity project.

The filming by Beach House Picture Ptd Ltd, Singapore, started at 9am at Kampung Lingkubang in Kota Belud.
Jason and the crew received a warm reception from the locals, while local students donned Kadazan traditional costumes and welcomed the Hollywood actor with Sumazau.

He also carried out repair work for a family under the assistance of Habitat for Humanity, and helped in installing windows, painting the house and beautifying the exterior of the unit.

President of the Habitat for Humanity, Joanna Kitingan, said this was the 21st house built by the association for the people in need, with the aim to enable the underprivileged to have their own homes.

Jason completed the shooting at 2pm yesterday and would leave Sabah today (September 27).

In an interview, the actor said he had put aside his movie career and opted for projects that are more adventurous and involving welfare activities.

On his future plan, he said that he is contented living in Hawaii with his Singaporean wife.