Thursday, September 19

Constituents use Facebook to bring up grouses to MP


MIRI: Internet social networking sites such as Facebook have proven to be a good communication tool between the people and government.

This is exemplified by the people in Sibuti parliamentary constituency who have been utilising Facebook to communicate with the government through their MP Ahmad Lai Bujang.

Yesterday, three of the problems highlighted by the residents of Taman Tunku, Kampung Lusut and Kampung Lusut Jaya 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 through Ahmad Lai’s Facebook were attended to by the relevant authority here.

First, Ahmad Lai, accompanied by Miri mayor Lawrence Lai, inspected and assessed the problems faced by residents of Taman Tunku who complained that sections of Jalan Kuching and Jalan Abdul Rahman were not smooth and littered with pot holes, besides being narrow.

“Following the inspection, Miri City Council (MCC) will draw up a plan to extend this section of the road which is a bottleneck in Taman Tunku. As an immediate action MCC will also resurface the road and patch up the pot holes,” he said.

Residents of Kampung Lusut, Kampung Lusut Jaya 1 to 5 who had been grousing over a dump site near Sungai Lusut also had their problem attended to.

The MP also advised them to separate recycleable and perishable wastes to minimise scattering of rubbish by scavengers looking for recycleable items.

Meanwhile, residents of Taman Jelita who had complained of unsightly wastes had their grouses addressed when Ahmad Lai instructed MCC to set up a collection centre mainly for bulky household wastes, separate from bins for construction, industrial and common household wastes.

He also requested MCC to look into the possibility of fencing up and beautifying the area.

The MP garnered a total of 3,600 people listed as friends in his Facebook.

Thanking the people for communicating with him through Facebook, he however reminded them not to abuse
the Internet for wrong purposes.