Tandek PBS Youth chief takes Mojigoh to task


TANDEK: United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organization (UPKO) treasurer general Datuk Dr Marcus Mojigoh was taken to task for suggesting that PBS had rules to prevent its members from expressing their opinions openly.

Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) Tandek Youth chief Christopher Mandut said it was unbecoming of Mojigoh to ‘rave and rant’ over a call by PBS information chief Datuk Johnny Mositun for BN component parties not to go public over requests for seats to contest in the next general election.

“Datuk Johnny Mositun made a simple and inoffensive appeal in the interest of BN unity. There was nothing hysterical about it either. Mojigoh’s reaction on the other hand was antagonistic, arrogant and full of unwarranted insinuations against PBS,” he said.

Christopher said it was alright for Mojigoh to explain why UPKO’s request for the Tandek, Tamparuli and Labuk state seats had been made public but there was no need to be petty and suggest that ‘PBS might have rules to curb the voices of its delegates’.

Under the pretext of explaining that the request for seats was in accordance with party protocol and procedures, he said Mojigoh had gone out of his way to hurl insults and accusations at Mositun and PBS.

He said Mojigoh had tried to portray himself as superior to Mositun because he is a member of parliament while the latter is only a division chief.

“Then he has the nerve to advise Datuk Mositun not to get into hysterics when he is the one being hysterical,” Christopher said.

To Mojigoh’s contention that all the seats held by PBS today had once been held by UPKO and USNO as those two parties had existed before PBS was formed, Christopher said it was a ridiculous and irrelevant point.

“The existing UPKO is the re-named PDS founded by Tan Sri Bernard Dompok, not the first UPKO that was dissolved in 1967. USNO was also dissolved two decades ago after UMNO spread to Sabah. So what is the relevance of his argument?” he asked.

Christopher said he would refrain from going into details about the history of the Moyog seat out of deference and respect for UPKO president Tan Sri Bernard Dompok and also UPKO as a fellow BN party.

In contrast to Mojigoh’s unwarranted and antagonistic reaction, he said UPKO Youth chief Arthur Sen had responded with a clear and unambiguous statement to Mositun’s comments.

“As a fellow BN party youth leader, I appreciate the maturity with which Arthur Tsen has defended his party’s position. His rational and dignified response to Datuk Johnny’s statement does credit to UPKO and is conducive to BN camaraderie. We may not agree on certain issues, but surely we can talk with each other in a civil and courteous manner. That is what our BN party leaders have been advising us all along, but Mojigoh seems oblivious to that,” Christopher said.