Sunday, January 29

Nansian: Entri issued show-cause letter


KUCHING: Vice-president Datuk Sylvester Entri Muran has been issued a show-cause letter by SPDP’s disciplinary committee for failing to attend the party’s supreme council meeting the past two years.

Its senior vice-president Datuk Peter Nansian Ngusie told reporters this yesterday, saying Entri received the letter a day before the State Cabinet reshuffle on Sept 28.

“Not personally but my group member, Sylvester Entri, has received,” he said when asked whether he had been summoned by the disciplinary committee.

He implied that he should be expecting the letter soon because they had already been recognised as a group.

“It’s very simple, they think of us as a group. They always say the group of five…so technically if you touch one, you touch all. We don’t group ourselves you know, we don’t recognise us as a group but they recognise us as a group. So if they recognise us as a group and all the statements in the papers always say that we’re a group then it means that you touch one, you touch all,” he stressed.

He further said he had not personally seen the letter, and it did not matter if it was only addressed to Entri because in some ways, it also affected other group members.

Nansian, who is Tasik Biru assemblyman, added that being the first recipient of the letter did not necessarily make Entri the leader of the group.

“We’ve not identified any leader yet,” he said, adding that the group will hold a discussion on the matter in due time.

Nansian also said he had not been given any deadline to explain himself to the disciplinary committee, adding that he had not heard anything from the president or disciplinary committee.

The ‘SPDP Five’ members are Nansian and Entri as well as vice-president and Mas Gading MP Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe, another vice president Rosey Yunus, who is Bekenu assemblywoman, and information chief Paulus Palu Gumbang, who is also Batu Danau assemblyman.

The disciplinary committee, headed by Prof Dr Safiq Abdullah and four other members, has been given two weeks to investigate the matter and come up with a finding. The disciplinary committee members are not members of the supreme council.

SPDP Five started their ‘silent rebellion’ since the party’s last triennial general meeting (TGM) at the end of 2009.

Their main contention was that party president Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom did not keep his promise to “keep the status quo” in the party’s line-up which he announced before the TGM.