Sunday, May 9

Three police impersonators nabbed over gang rape


GANG-RAPISTS: The suspects being led to a vehicle which would take them to the lockup.

KUCHING: Three police impersonators were arrested yesterday after they and another accomplice still at large abducted and gang-raped a college student early yesterday.

The incident occurred around 1.30am at a garden at the Batu Kawah New Township when the suspects approached the 18-year-old victim, who is from Kapit but studying at a local institute here, while she and her boyfriend were on a date.

A source disclosed the four men, who arrived in a Proton Saga, claimed they were undercover policemen and asked the dating couple for their identity cards.

The boyfriend, however, told them he had forgotten to bring his MyKad, and was subsequently directed to go back to his house to get the document.

He was also told by the men that his girlfriend would be required to wait with them at the garden to ensure that he would return with his MyKad and not simply run away.

When the boyfriend returned several minutes later with his identity card, he became worried when there was no sight of his girlfriend or the men, and immediately headed to the nearby Batu Kawah police station to make an inquiry.

The source further disclosed that policemen on duty immediately suspected something amiss as the police did not use Proton Saga cars, and immediately brought the boyfriend along in search of the missing student.

Their search proved futile until about an hour later, when the victim contacted her boyfriend’s mobile phone informing him she had been forced by the men into their car shortly after he had left to get his MyKad.

She claimed she was taken to an abandoned house in secondary jungle, where the men took turns to rape her before releasing her and driving off in their car.

After determining the victim’s whereabouts, the policemen and her boyfriend picked her up and were making their way back to the Batu Kawah police station when they coincidentally chanced upon the suspects’ car along Jalan Batu Kawah.

The policemen immediately radioed the Mobile Patrol Vehicle (MPV) unit for backup and trailed the Proton Saga to Jalan Stephen Yong, where waiting MPVs intercepted it.

Only three of the alleged rapists were in the car at the time, as
the fourth man was said to have been dropped off by his accomplices at an undisclosed location earlier.

The trio has since been detained pending further investigation, while efforts to track down the last suspect are ongoing.