Sunday, November 1

Umtech shines as dual mode university


MANY OPTIONS: School leavers can study full-time on-campus.

KUCHING: University of Management and Technology (Umtech), formerly known as Unitar Pintar Campus, is actively positioning itself as a comprehensive dual mode university with a flexible delivery paradigm.

Umtech teaches and researches as a dual mode university with double options of learning approaches -– students can study full-time on-campus or through distance-learning.

The university’s programme structure is designed to run via full-time, part-time and distance-learning modes to cater for secondary school leavers and working adults.

Students will have the option to migrate from full-time on-campus to distance-learning and vice-versa.

Umtech hopes to boost its presence in the global education market and offer its students a higher quality education experience.

The university operates from its administrative headquarters and main campus at the Leisure Commerce Square, supported by strong networks of Regional Centres in Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, Melaka, Ipoh, Penang, Alor Star, Kota Bharu, and Johor Bahru.

For the coming January 2012 intake, the university is offering 46 academic programmes ranging from foundation to postgraduate programmes.

The programmes are offered through five faculties – Business Administration, Education and Social Sciences, Information Technology, Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Graduate School.

Among the niche programmes offered are Computer Security, Early Childhood Education and Master of Education programmes specialising in five areas.

Computer Security Programmes

Through its Faculty of Information Technology, Umtech aims to build a niche in computer security and address the shortage of computer security experts in Malaysia.

This will assist in developing the manpower plan to manage the growing number of possible computer and Internet threats by producing graduates through its various programmes from diploma to Master’s degree.

Undergraduate degree programmes will equip students with knowledge and skills in computer security, specifically in securing information, identifying the computer security vulnerabilities, detecting computer security exploits, providing possible solutions to attacks, managing forensics cases and performing detailed technical analysis of computer-based evidence.

These programmes are developed with collaborative input from industrial experts, who come from reputable government and corporate agencies.

The Master of Computer Science specialising in Information Security and Computer Forensics is offered through the Graduate School.

Upstream professionals design organisational security policies, set up security standards, participate in response team management and monitor the implementation of the security policy; while downstream professionals focus on systems development, penetration test, secured programming, security and forensics tools and investigations.

The uniqueness of the programme is a blend of academic essentials and industrial practices, where students are exposed to scientific materials and how they are applied to solving real world industrial problems.

Lecturers have a minimum PhD degree or industrial expertise.

Early Childhood Education Programmes

Umtech offers a range of early childhood education programmes from diploma to Master’s degree to meet a range of needs and prepare students for a career as early childhood practitioners.

The Diploma in Early Childhood Education provides excellent opportunities for non-graduate teachers, school leavers, and those interested in entering the teaching profession to be better equipped with professional pedagogical and content knowledge.

The programme is structured to improve and enhance students’ pedagogical abilities and teaching skills besides providing the necessary subject knowledge base, curriculum, pedagogy and management.

The Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) (Hons) focuses on education of children from birth to eight years of age.   Courses include Approaches in Early Childhood Education, Portfolio for Young Children, Children and Creativity, Managing Child Behaviour, Learning Environment for Young Children, Entrepreneurship in Early Childhood Education, Language and Literacy for Young Children, Children’s Toy and Play, Teaching Practicum, and Project Paper for Early Childhood Education.

Two specialisations offered are Child Centre Management and Children’s Performing Art.

Master of Education (MEd) with a specialisation in Early Childhood Education is offered with the collaboration of the Graduate School.

The programme is suitable for students or educators pursuing knowledge and additional expertise in early childhood development and instruction.

Course work includes a variety of instructional strategies, assessment techniques, teaching methodologies, theories of early childhood growth and development, and the impact of family and cultural diversity on early childhood.

The Faculty has a dynamic team of early childhood professors who are engaged in research and scholarship at the local, national and global level.

Master’s of Education Programmes

Umtech offers several Master of Education programmes specialising in five areas – Educational Leadership and Management, Curriculum and Instruction, Teaching of English as a Second Language, Guidance and Counselling, and Early Childhood Education.

Designed by academics with long years of experience as school teachers and lecturers at universities in Malaysia and abroad, the programmes expose students to important concepts, theories, models, and principles in education; and also on the specialisation contents that will differentiate the graduates from one programme to another. Other than formal curricula, students will also visit relevant places of work and carry out a research project in the area of specialisation.

Flexible Learning for Working Adults

Umtech’s College for Open Learning offers distance learning programmes specifically targeted at working adults who wish to upgrade their knowledge and skills for the purpose of career progression, career transition or pursuing lifelong learning ambitions without disrupting family, social and work obligations.

The university uses flexible approaches by allowing flexibility in programme or course switching, duration of study, number of courses registered per semester, optional tutorial attendance, and intermediate exit options.

Umtech uses a very advanced learning management system and student webmail system.

Qualified tutors also assist students at the eight regional centres nationwide.

Students also have unlimited access to the electronic library, which contains over 30,000 electronic journals, magazines, proceedings, dissertations, and books in subscribed databases.

Open Entry scheme

The Open Entry scheme allows the university to admit students based on assessment of their prior learning experiences.

Open Entry enables work and life experiences to be evaluated and matched against the learning outcomes of a particular courses in an academic programme.

Professional courses

Workers looking for short-term training will find workshops and courses through the Centre for Professional Development (CPD).

CPD provides competency-based training and experiential learning to enhance competence levels for achievement of business goals and career satisfaction.through distance learning.