Thursday, December 7

DPM meets BN parties on polls


SERDANG: Barisan Nasional (BN) deputy chairman Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said yesterday he has begun meeting parties in the coalition regarding their preparation to face the next general election.

He has already met with six component parties so far, he told a news conference after attending a Selangor BN briefing session, here.

The deputy prime minister said the component parties must resolve all their internal bickering as soon as possible and not wait until the 11th hour when the date of the general election is announced.

He said he has discussed the matter with the component parties, and even called up several divisional leaders to tell them what to do to resolve their problems.

“I fear that if they take their own sweet time to resolve the problems, it may pose a problem for us,” he added.

Asked about a report of OSK Research on BN’s likelihood to improve on its performance in the 2008 general election due to indications of a swing of support to the ruling coalition, Muhyiddin said that though the news was encouraging BN party members should not get complacent.

“The feedback may have been conveyed by our members based on the work they have been doing on the ground. We should have someone else conduct an evaluation.

“I do not want to dispute the result for they may have their basis.However, we in the party cannot be dependent on the result without putting in hard work,” he said.

Muhyiddin said much remained to be done to ensure that the people understood the determination and sincerity of the BN in wanting to help them.

“If we want to win, party leaders and members at all levels, particularly at the divisional level, must remain united,” he said.

Earlier, in his speech, the deputy prime minister said his one-day visit to Selangor showed that the people are supporting the BN again.— Bernama