Friday, October 29

120-year-old from Assam ties knot with 60-year-old


SILCHAR, India: He wanted to marry a second time after his wife died about six years back. He did so at the grand old age of 120 years. Hazi Abdul Noor of Satghori, a remote village in Patharkandi block in Karimganj, who made history last Sunday when he married 60-year-old Samoi Bibi from North Foolbari village in North Tripura. For this sleepy village, the wedding was a show-stopper, attended by over 500 guests. Advocate Tasir Ali solemnised the marriage by asking, “Kubool (agreed)?” and Noor replying in the affirmative. Saiful Mian, a guest, said, “Abdul Noor is the oldest person to get married in this part of the country as far as my memory goes.”

“My age in the voter list is 116 years. But actually I am 120 years old,” Noor said.

He presides over a family of 122 members, including two sons, four daughters and lots of grand-children, most of whom are married. Salima Khatun, Noor’s first wife, died in 2005.

“Soon after my mother’s death, my father requested us to find him another wife who would look after him.

It was not an easy job to find a bride for a 100-year-old. However, by the grace of god, we have found a new mother, though she’s half his age. She was married once early in life. Her husband died and she has no children,” said the bridegroom’s son, Hazi Azir Uddin.