Monday, August 26

SMK St Columba holds handwashing campaign


DEMONSTRATION: Tiong (right) showing the proper way of washing hands.

MIRI: SMK St Columba Miri, launched its school level handwashing campaign on Wednesday, in conjunction with the Global Handwashing Day (GHD) 2011 which falls on Oct 15 yearly.

The campaign organised by the Students Affairs Unit, Health Division of the school was aimed at fostering and supporting a global culture of handwashing with soap and raising awareness especially among students of the school, about the benefits of handwashing with soap.

The school’s principal, Robinette Tiong Ai Giek, launched the campaign.

In her speech, the stressed the importance of washing hands properly with soap which she said was the
most effective and cheapest way of preventing infection from bacteria and viruses that cause many diarrheal and acute respiratory diseases.

She praised the health division of the school for organising the campaign and called for strong support from all students and staff for the events planned including a recycling campaign to use empty mineral water bottles as soap cases or containers.

As the campaign was launched on Deepavali the school prefects of 3K performed the handwashing to the tune of the Hindi song, Chaiya Chaiya as a gimmick to accompany the principal who launched the campaign.