Rela members asked to be ever-ready to be deployed


MIRI: Members of the People’s Volunteer Corps (Rela) must always be prepared to be deployed, including guarding petrol stations along the border, to control the abuse of subsidised fuel.

Secretary-general of Home Ministry Tan Sri Mahmood Adam said the deployment of Rela personnel, especially at the Kelantan-Thailand border, had successfully curbed the abuse of subsidised fuel by foreigners.

“In Kelantan, the abuse of subsidised fuel is under control because we have Rela members stationed there. We can implement the same strategy for Sarawak if there is a need,” he said at a press conference recently.

Mahmood disclosed that Rela personnel could be stationed at the petrol stations along the Sarawak border if Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism (MDTCC) needed their service.

“We are always ready to give our services to other government agencies when they are needed. Rela members need to be ready,” he said. He said further that just because there was no application from the ministry for Rela services so far it did not mean that Rela members were not needed to be on standby.

Most importantly, he said, the government was always working to make life easy and comfortable for the people by allowing them to enjoy their rights as citizens.

“For example, the government has managed to control the abuse of subsidised fuel at the Kelantan border because only Malaysians have the right to enjoy the subsidy,” he said.

Earlier, Mahmood paid a visit to the new border post at Sungai Tujuh.