Sustained attacks on Mawan show Entri has personal agenda


KUCHING: The continued verbal attack on Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) president Tan Sri William Mawan by supporters of vice-president Datuk Sylvester Entri only goes to affirm the suspicion that he (Entri) has indeed masterminded a plan to topple the president.

Mawan is said to be ‘protecting’ Entri from being expelled by not washing dirty linen in public since the day he (Mawan) found out that Entri was masterminding a plan to overthrow him (Mawan) about two years ago.

But Entri is apparently not grateful to his president and instead preferred to go against him by insisting that he (Mawan) had reneged on his promise to keep him (Entri) as secretary-general which was made through what Entri called ‘status quo’ agreement.

Instead of exposing Entri’s master plan, Mawan promoted him to vice-president in the Jan 2010 supreme council meeting. Angered by the ‘untimely’ promotion, Entri staged and led a walkout. Several other members, including four elected representatives followed.

SPDP Piasau Youth chief James Joshua revealed all these yesterday in reaction to a newspaper report on Sunday that 47 headmen (TR) and councillors from Marudi had expressed their displeasure over Mawan’s Oct 23 visit to Kpg Mission Ulu Teru in Tinjar Baram to lend support to its Barisan Nasional (BN) incumbent Dato Jacob Dungau Sagan.

James said he was perplexed as to the claim made by Entri’s loyalists that he (Entri) won by a handsome margin in the last state election because Entri was so popular.

“The majority of voters in Marudi supported BN and therefore Entri won in the April 16 state polls. Bragging that Entri is popular is like saying that he can win without the BN banner. Why don’t they ask their beloved Entri to stand on an independent ticket in the next state election?” James asked.

“These so called Entri loyalists must remember that there are other people in Marudi or Baram for that matter. Marudi does not belong to Entri.

“Continued verbal attack on the president only goes to show how narrow his (Entri) politics and democratic principles are.

“The loyalists even threatened to go against the BN in the next general election just because they are unhappy with Mawan,” James said.

He added: “The big entourage that descended on Ulu Teru only goes to show that claims of security threat were baseless. They were created by instigators who did not want Entri’s shortcomings exposed by the villagers.”

Meanwhile, SPDP Supreme Council has yet to convene a meeting on Entri’s alleged failure to reply to its show-cause letter. The notice expired on Oct 26.

It is said that the meeting might be held after a meeting between Mawan and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak today (Nov 1) to discuss among other things, SPDP’s early preparation for the next general election.