Saturday, December 3

Facilities in Tudan Polyclinic not up to standard


MIRI: Some public amenities in Tudan Polyclinic are in dire need of repair.

WAITING FOR THEIR TURN: The insufficient number of working toilets is a major problem especially for pregnant women.

A survey by The Borneo Post yesterday found that one of the female toilets was not maintained or repaired, causing great inconvenience to patients at the clinic.

During the survey, pregnant mothers were seen queuing up just to use a toilet as it was the only one that was functioning.

A complainant met yesterday said the toilet also had no light and they had to do their ‘business’ in the dark.

“We hope the management can repair all the toilets as soon as possible because these facilities are provided by the government for the convenience of the public in line with the 1Malaysia concept of ‘people first’,” she said.

Apart from the toilets, patients and visitors also had to endure traffic jam due to insufficient parking lots.

“Visitors and patients are parking their cars indiscriminately and some are blocking traffic flow.

“This should not be happening because there might be someone coming in with an emergency but can’t get through due to traffic congestion,” she said further.

She hoped that the authority would look into the matter and provide a better and comfortable service to patients.