Miss Borneo Beautiful 2011 Finalist No. 17 – Zierra Enjoo


Zierra Enjoo

Finalist No.17

Name: Zierra Enjoo

Age: 23

Hometown: Kuching

Studies: Bachelor of Science with Honours in Human Resource Development (UNIMAS)

Work: Capacity Building Trainee

Aspirations: To achieve success in my career and passion

Personal motto: Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed.



1) What do you like about your job/studies?

I graduated in the field of human resource development. What I find interesting is the study of human behaviour in the workplace and how to deal with different people. My studies also included public relations skills and how to communicate with certain people. With these advantages, the study required me to be more understanding of human nature. Today, I am still interested to learn more about human behaviour.

2) How are you preparing for the MBB 2011 Grand Final on November 18?

As one of the finalists for MBB 2011, it is very important for me to be mentally and physically prepared. I am maintaining a balanced diet and striving to improve my posture and my catwalk skills for better poise.

Besides the tips given, the training class held by our organiser, Alaric Soh is helping me and other finalists to be more prepared for the competition. We are being trained to boost our confidence and stage presence. There is also more emphasis on communication skills and our catwalk. I will stay focused throughout the competition and of course, I will do my very best during the event!


3) What qualities define Miss Borneo Beautiful?

In my point of view, being beautiful in terms of your physical aspect is a bonus, but what makes you more special and beautiful is your brain. Meaning to say, being intelligent, having a positive attitude and perseverance.  What will differentiate you from other beautiful girls is also the effort you put into contributing to public welfare. This will prove that your beauty is also meaningful to others.


4) Do you have a message for the other MBB 2011 finalists?

To all the finalists, believe in yourself that you are all beautiful just the way you are. Keep your  beauty together with a good attitude and don’t let people underestimate you. This journey is just the beginning. Good luck, girls!


5) What skills/talents do you have that will make you stand out in the competition?

I can be described as a cheerful person and I have my own personality that I believe  people find attractive!


6) What would it mean for you to win MBB 2011?

If I was crowned the winner for MBB 2011, it would be a great achievement in my life because I have been through many situations and difficulties that require my confidence, self-esteem and physical appearance.  The competition between us, the finalists, is very high and to be able to stand out from everybody else is not easy. Winning the MBB 2011 title would be my passion’s crowning achievement.

7) Who has inspired you most in your life? Siapakah sumber inspirasi anda dalam hidup?

Those who have inspired me are people closest to my heart, particularly my family and friends. I really appreciate and am grateful to them for giving me their full support. Without their support, I might not have become an MBB finalist.


8) What makes your hometown special?

Sarawakians are blessed to be living in an environment filled with a variety of races, religions and cultures. I am a proud Kuching girl. For me, Kuching is very special because it’s famous for having a diversity of cultures and cultural influences in terms of traditional dancing, festival, foods and language. I believe with this uniqueness, I can promote my hometown to the world.

The Miss Borneo Beautiful 2011 Grand Final Show and Dinner will be held on Nov 18, 2011 at Riverside Majestic Hotel, Kuching.