Miss Borneo Beautiful 2011 Finalist No. 18 – Cammielye Oliver


Cammielye Oliver

Name: Cammielye Oliver

Age: 23

Hometown: Belaga

Studies: Diploma in Management and Technology

Work: Freelance model

Aspirations: To be a famous singer

Personal motto: If you want to be what you want to be, you must be what you want to be


1) What do you like about your work and studies?

Currently, I am working and studying. What I like about my job right now is that it gives me the confidence to be in front of the camera (which is something that I really enjoy) and the confidence to be with other people I am working with. This experience, in turn, teaches me how to be more professional in my interaction with people. What I like about my studies is that it is something I’m passionate about, which makes it easy for me to do study and work.

2) How are you preparing for the MBB 2011 Grand Final on November 18?

Among my preparations for the MBB 2011 Grand Final is watching what I eat so that my weight stays the same as well as taking care of my health. Mentally, while I feel excited and anxious, I have to calm my thinking so that I appear serene and don’t put myself under unnecessary stress.

3) What qualities define Miss Borneo Beautiful?

The special qualities that Miss Borneo Beautiful should have are her beauty or her good morals, as well as a positive and humble mindset. Other than that, she should always be confident and friendly. She should also be intelligent, eloquent and wise.

4) Do you have a message for the other MBB 2011 finalists?

To all the other finalists, I wish you all the best and I hope you’ve all learnt something valuable for the rest of your life, be confident in yourself and if you win this competition, I say congratulations and God bless. Thank you.

5) What skills/talents do you have that will make you stand out in the competition?

Singing is my passion, and I have been singing since childhood.

6) What would it mean for you to win MBB 2011?

Winning MBB 2011 would be the most meaningful experience for me because my dream is to make my beloved parents proud of me and would prove that success can be achieved in whatever field we desire in life. Other than that, I want to make my race proud and be an example for them to succeed in their respective fields.

7) Who has inspired you most in your life?

My sources of inspiration in life are Erra Fazira and Mariah Carey.

8) What makes your hometown special?

I’m from Belaga, and what makes it special is the Bakun Hydro Dam and the hydro dam located in Murum, Belaga which has brought in many outsiders. As a result, my home has been made famous throughout the world. Other than that, the diversity of ethnic groups in my area has also made it an attraction. Nowhere else in Malaysia can you find people like the Kenyah, Kayan, Kejaman (Kajang), Sihan (Penan), Sekapan (Kajang), Lahanan (Kajang) and so many more. The Rajang River is also what gives my hometown its own uniqueness.

The Miss Borneo Beautiful 2011 Grand Final Show and Dinner will be held on Nov 18, 2011 at Riverside Majestic Hotel, Kuching.