Tuesday, June 25

Two events set to lure tourists to Penrissen area


TOURIST ATTRACTIONS: Dr Jerip (third left) launches the two events. Looking on are Respdemop Recreation Club chairman Captain Zainuddin Hamdan (left), Penghulu Dihoi Nyaweng (second left) and others.

KUCHING: Two new sports and tourism-related events in Bengoh constituency were launched yesterday by Assistant Minister of Public Health Dr Jerip Susil, who is also Bengoh assemblyman in conjunction with Respdemop Jogathon 2011 at Kpg Semadang.

The events – Sarawak River Treasure Hunt 2012 and Borneo Rainforest Run 2012 – are organised by an event management company – Ma’asa Event Management – owned by a local Bidayuh by the name of Ceasser Robert.

The Sarawak River Treasure Hunt will be held at Semadang River in July next year, starting from the river bank at Kpg Semadang to Kampung Danu upstream of Semadang River. The participants will spend a night at the village’s homestay. The Borneo Rainforest Run 2012 will be held in September at the Semadang-Skio road.

Ceasser said the events would be organised jointly with JKKKs of the two villages – Semadang and Danu.

He said the events would target local and foreign participations to complement the Tourism Ministry’s effort to lure tourists to the Penrissen area, one of interesting tourism destinations in the state.

The two events would be made merrier with live music, souvenir bazaar and food and drink stalls.

“Sungai Sarawak Kiri which is also known as Semadang River has lots of unique features apart from the surrounding beautiful rainforest and mountains.

“The local Bidayuh nature of friendliness, tolerance and warmth are perhaps the biggest attractions for visitors from near and far,” said Ceasser.

He said his company would also be carrying out team building and corporate activities in the area, and had identified
Rabak Ma’asa in Semadang as the site.