Saturday, January 18

Putatan District Council granted ‘independence’


PENAMPANG: Penampang district officer William Sampil said the Putatan district council was now completely capable to handle all official matters related to the area under its jurisdictional purview.

All activities carried out within the jurisdiction of the council would now be handled by the Putatan district council, Sampil said when handing over documents to Saifuddin Jumat, the representative of the Putatan district council chairman yesterday.

“Matters pertaining to open spaces, road reserves, drainage reserves, sewerage reserves and others that fall within their rating area will be handled by them,” he said.

Smapil also commented on the separation of the Putatan area from the Penampang district council which took effect in August last year.

“Although we have separated, I hope that we can continue to work together,” he said.

He said the Ministry of Local Government and Housing Ministry has also requested the Penampang District Council to provide guidance to the Putatan district council as the latter was still in its infancy.

Meanwhile, Saifuddin expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Local Government and Housing for the creation of the Putatan district council.

“There had been problems along the way, but we managed to weather them all,” he said.