Sunday, October 2

Mada won’t release water from its three dams during floods — Mahdzir


ALOR SETAR: The Muda Agricultural Development Authority (Mada) yesterday clarified that it would not be releasing water from its three dams today, as alleged by some.

“There was an SMS saying that Mada would be releasing a large amount of water which may cause floods. Actually Mada does not release water randomly when the river water level is high and MADA had never released water when there is a flood,” Mada chairman Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid told reporters here, yesterday.

He said the SMS had been going around for several days causing many to be worried and contacted Mada for clarification.

Mada manages three dams, namely Empangan Muda, Empangan Pedu and Empangan Ahning, which supply water for padi field irrigation as well as domestic use.

“The release of water from the three dams is for irrigation and domestic use and it was a routine job of Mada throughout the year. It has never caused floods in areas situated downstream,” he said.

Mahdzir said the release of water was carried out daily but it depends on request.

“The daily release of water will only be carried out during paddy planting seasons and water release is minimal as currently paddy planting has reached 80 per cent,” he said. — Bernama