Tuesday, February 7

Malaysians advised to avoid Tahrir Square in Egypt


KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians planning to visit Egypt and those already in the country are advised to avoid visits to theTahrir Square in Cairo and nearby areas, especially on Friday.

The Malaysian Foreign Ministry in a statement today also advised Malaysians to avoid other ‘hot’ locations in the country.

The ministry urged Malaysians to stay alert and be aware of their safety during difficult situations and follow any security instructions issued by the Egyptian authorities.

Malaysians inEgyptare advised to register with the Malaysian embassy inCairowhich can be contacted at +00-202-37610013/19/68/73 or e-email malcairo@kln.gov.my.

Egyptis now hit by a turmoil since thousands of protesters are gathered atTahrir Squaresince Friday, to demandEgypt’s military junta to return power to the civil administration. — Bernama