‘Determination to succeed more important’


LAWAS: The collective determination to succeed is the answer to attain top performing school while infrastructure and facilities are secondary factors.

Second Minister of Resource Planning and Environment Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hasan said this at the convocation ceremony for year-six students of Lawas District at Lawas Indoor Stadium yesterday.

“It is this determination that builds success, and this is proven by SK Lubai in Ulu Limbang, comparable with universities and technical institutes inIndia,” he said.

He pointed out that success is attainable and proven in Limbang division’s own SK Lubai that lack modern facilities and amenities, and this is also reflected in Indian universities and technical institutes that display impressive determination to succeed.

Early childhood education is an important building block to progressive and learning standards in classes, he said, adding that this would boost the overall spirit and attention in the community and parents in pursuit of academic excellence.

The government has given great emphasis on education development in infrastructure development and various assistance programmes such as KWAMP and the one off RM100 study aid for next year.

“There is much to be done, schools to be upgraded and repairs needed and the government is continuously undertaking the necessary action to redress the shortcomings,” he said.

Tengah said co-operation between parents and teachers is a key to achieving success despite the constraints as shown in SK Lubai that is tucked away in the jungle, not linked to the grid system and has only a reticulated water system. It has only basic and modest infrastructure and facilities.

“Yet it could be the best (school) in the whole country due to the close co-operation between the headmaster, teachers and parents which drives the students to study well and attain top performance continuously,” he said.

This spirit should be replicated throughout the state and at district level as it has shown the way, even in the command of the English language among the students.

He urged Sarawakians to place emphasis on the proficiency of this universal language of the Internet, science and technology, technical education and world trade to cope in the era of knowledge-driven economy and society.

“It is the brightest mind that determines a brighter tomorrow, a better future, and one should not have a phobia about English,” he referred to the K-society era unfolding in the world.

Earlier on, Lawas District deputy education officer Adenan Ibrahim said the decline in UPSR performance in the district this year was attributed to weaknesses in the English subject, which dragged down the overall passing percentage.

Lawas passing percentage dropped to 57.6 per cent compared to 61.2 per cent last year while straight A’s students dropped to 21 from 27. A total of 804 students in Lawas District sat for the UPSR examination this year

Also present at the function were Lawas member of parliament Datuk Henry Sum Agong, Lawas District Officer Mohd Supaih Hamdan and community leaders.