The SUPP New Plan



ONE HEART ONE MIND: SUPP presidential hopeful Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh (third left) with his team members (from left) Ranum Mina, Datuk Francis Harden Hollis, Datuk Lee Kim Shin, Dr Jerip Susil and Dr Johnical Rayong Ngipa will be launching the SUPP New Plan at the Party’s Headquarters today.


A SWOT analysis of the Party has been carried out before the preparation of this plan. The analysis on the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats formed the basis in the formulation of this new plan for the Party. The Plan is designed to address the various weaknesses of the Party and build on the strengths that still remain. The opportunities that are there or can be harnessed in the present day political scenario and in the context of BN have also been examined. The real and perceived internal and external threats, especially from the opposition, have also been seriously considered.

It must be emphasized here that this plan comes with an action thrust. It is not mere slogan-shouting exercise. It geared towards yielding actual results.

When there is a plan, there must be implementation. Then there must be a follow-up action which must come with results. We must be sincere and honest. What we can do, we must do so to the best of our ability. What we cannot do, having tried hard, be frank and honest to the people and they will eventually accept us.


The Plan focuses on three main areas namely, image, solidarity and reform. In each of these areas, programmes and directions are formulated for implementation. Where image is concerned, it will be directed at rebranding and improving perception of the people towards the Party. The directions on solidarity will focus on more concerted effort in team building and integration of northern, central and southern regions. Reform is directed at restructuring the Party and resolving issues.


The defeat suffered by SUPP in the Sibu By-Election held on 16th May 2010 and State Election held on 16th April 2011 clearly shows that the image of our party is deteriorating in the eyes of the people. There are many factors to this; one of the key factors being the growing distance between the Party and the people, resulting in the people losing confidence. Therefore, the following action plans should be implemented to rebrand SUPP that can rise to meet the present and future challenges and serve the needs and rising expectations of the people and members of the Party:

(1) Re-Organisation & ImageBuilding

To rebuild the Party’s image in the eyes of the people, the first and foremost task is to re-structure the party’s organization and management, strengthen the party’s foundation and change whatever negative public perceptions towards the party. Regardless of the constituency, there must be comprehensive peoples’ out-reach and net-working programmes implemented to win the hearts and minds of the people.

The Party must be seen to be able to stay relevant and keep up with the changing socio-economic and political scenario in the State and country.

(2) Timely Executed Solution

With the people’s livelihood as one of the main concern of the Party, we will stand together with the people. As long as there is an issue affecting people’s well-being, there should be a timely executed solution, so that the people will perceive the party’s stance of “SUPP stands with the people”.

(3) Information And Service Counter

To establish information and service counters for the people who seek assistance at the Party Central, Branch and Service centres.

(4) Sensitive To Voices of Majority

All party leaders, members of parliament, State Assemblymen and councilors must engage with their people more often, to fully understand the thoughts of the people, as the people will assess us by observing our words and actions. They should always be sensitive to the voices of the majority and ready to bring up to the relevant authorities on any policy or action which the people generally are unhappy or not satisfied with.

(5) Rising Expectations of Youths

The challenges posed by the rising expectation of youths in terms of education, business and employment opportunities, home ownership and other social and welfare issues should be given priorities in our Party’s action programmes. The Party should set up a Media Unit that engages and communicates with the people, particularly the youth through the social media daily as well as other print and electronic media. A cyber squad be set up for such purpose to counter issues raised by the opposition or the people.


Regional zoning ofSarawakinto Southern, Central and Northern zones has somehow resulted in the three main regions of Kuching, Sibu and Miri functioning individually over the years. This is not beneficial to the unity of the party. We must be united and form synergy to co-ordinate and work together to effectively strengthen our party by taking the following steps:

(1) Party Administration

Establish modern management system to ensure the effective and efficient administration and better communication between Party Central, branches and sub-branches.

(2) Party Central Relations with Branches

Strengthening the relationship and cooperation between the Party Central and the various branches. The Central Leaders must periodically visit all branches. At the same time, any branches or region could choose to jointly organise activities or to provide joint services to the public. We should use collective talents of leaders at all levels and the combined energies of all party members to rejuvenate our party and make it strong and stay ahead.

(3) Strengthening Relations in BN

The Party should strengthen its relations, especially on mutual understanding, cooperation and respect in BN. It is proposed that more regular meetings and discussion be held with the BN and its leadership on issues that affect the Party and the people from time to time. It is imperative that leaders representing the Party should be well-prepared with supporting facts and findings when raising issues of importance at BN meetings.

(4) TeamBuilding

Paying greater attention in the implementation of team-building programmes to revitalise the party solidarity. It is proposed that Party Central, Branch and Sub-Branch leaders should organise a team-building training annually.

(5) Council/Committee of Elders

While focusing on the future, we must not forget the contributions of loyal veteran and senior members of the party. In fact, we should have structured programmes that can generate closer rapport among the veterans, seniors and younger members and give them a deserving sense of acceptance, belonging and recognition. To achieve this objective, it is proposed that a Council of Elders be set up at the Party Central and Committee of Elders at Branch and Sub-Branch levels.


The current political trend requires SUPP to urgently reform and change. However, it should not be done by either negating or undermining the existing foundation of the Party.

A proper SWOT (strengthens, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis should be carried out.

Our reform efforts should strive to build on the strengths and discard weaknesses. More concerted efforts should be made to seize opportunities that can gain support and confidence of the people. Special attention and concrete measures should be taken to counter both internal and external threats, especially from the opposition.

(1) Financial Management

Establish a financial management committee to focus on generating income and professionally managing the party’s finances, improve the party’s financial situation and giving financial support to the branches.

(2) Constitution Amendments

Relevant amendments be made to the Party’s Constitution on its organisations structure, limitations of terms of office bearers, serving as elected representatives, holding public office, proper discipline management, general administration and financial management systems.

(3) Research Institute

Establish a research institute to carry out research and collection of information on our nation’s and state’s politics, policies, economy, culture etc, and other relevant issues.

(4) TrainingAcademy

Establish aTrainingAcademyto conduct regular training for leaders and members. Professionals be recruited to manage the Academy.

(5) Channels of Expression

To be more democratic and transparent, there should be platforms for exchange of views, ideas and self reflection among cardres and members, such as through forums, seminars, workshops, conference. The Party should set up its own social media channels to enhance greater interaction with cyberspace community and among members.

(6) Key Performance Index

To implement a system where all members of parliament, State Assembly, Political Secretaries, councilors, community and Party’s branch leaders can provide timely reports and regular feedbacks. A Key Performance Index (KPI) be drawn up for assessment of their performance.

(7) Recruitment of members

The Party must always inject new blood into the organisation and adopt more effective methods in recruitment of new members through more engagement with various youth and non-governmental organisations.

(8) New Election Strategies

Our members have lost confidence due to the results of the last state election. One of the key points of the reform is to turn failure into success and to do so, new election strategies, new propaganda and new promotional strategies should be implemented, including the intensive usage of social media in the internet and other electronic and print media. More intensive training activities at the Party Central and branch levels will be organized to train leaders and members to be more pro-active in countering opposition propagandas and to be more focused in resolving issues and problems of the people. The objective is to turn failure into success, win back parliamentary and state seats, and raise the morale of all party leaders and members.

Besides the party’s internal transformation, there are also pressing matters that need to be addressed. Recent issues include:

1) Land Issues: To set up a Land Task Force that specially deal with land issues. The Task Force shall consist of members who are conversant with land administration and policy such as the Sarawak Land Code.

2) Support of Chinese Education. We must put in concerted effort to address the issue of funding for the Chinese schools and independent schools and request financial support from the Federal and State government.

3) Create greater awareness of youth, especially the Chinese community, on employment and career opportunities in the Civil Services.

4) Assisting the youth on the application for the Federal funds allocated for SME and Agriculture.

5) To actively look into social welfare issues such as social security, women equality rights, social security welfare scheme for the elderly, juvenile delinquency problem and youth issues. To map out a strategy to assist and deal with issues in more realistic manner

6) To look into proposals and plans which could help to uplift the social economic standard of our rural folks from the various villages and longhouse settlements throughoutSarawak.


To those who are disappointed with the party but have not lost hope, we wish to search for hope together. To those who are uncertain about the future of SUPP but still have faith in us, we wish to search and map out a New Direction together.

To those who have put their hopes in the opposition due to unhappiness with the government, we will have an overall re-look at what remedies, improvement, changes, reforms and transformation that should take place to meet the needs and rising expectations of the people and the country.

To reform the party is a matter involving the whole party and cannot be executed by any individual. It requires the participation of every party member. We ask for one heart, one mind, to do our best and produce results from our actions, to truly achieve progress and prosperity for the well being of the people, and in time SUPP will regain its former glory in the State ofSarawak.