Wednesday, July 17

Sejingkat barrage doing its job well controlling flooding


OPERATIONAL: The barrage gate being closed to control the water level at Sungai Sarawak. — Photo by Kong Jun Liung

KUCHING: The public need not worry about the Sejingkat Barrage as it is always in good condition and is able to control the water level at Sungai Sarawak.

According to the person-in-charge of the barrage who did not want to be named, the barrage gate had never failed to operate for the past 11 years and has over the years helped to control the water level to avoid serious flooding.

The person-in-charge said this during a press conference in conjunction with the visit by the Sarawak United People’s Party Youth group led by its chairman Tan Kai.

A total of 24 rain-flow monitoring stations are stationed in Kuching and are closely monitored by the barrage.

“We update the rain flow data every 15 minutes,” the person-in-charged added.

According to the person-in-charge, even though some low-lying places get flooded during a heavy downpour, the water would recede in a very short time, as the barrage is able to discharge the water quickly.

The person-in-charge stated that since the barrage began operation, it has helped to discharge an additional 25 per cent of the water volume in Sungai Sarawak.