Wednesday, December 1

DBKU wants to transform Kuching into city with soul heart’


KUCHING: Kuching City North Commission (DBKU) wants to help transform the city into ‘a city with heart and soul’ where people are united, interactive and helpful towards one another in line with government’s transformation programme and the 1Malaysia concept.

Starting with the vision of ‘Kuching – a vibrant liveable city of choice’, the commission has several activities, local and international, lined up for the new year, which will be implemented with the involvement of various agencies, NGOs and the private sector.

According to Datuk Bandar Datuk Abang Abdul Wahap Abang Julai, three important components would be considered in making Kuching a liveable city, namely physical, social and economic environment.

“For a clean and low-carbon city, we will hold more recycling activities such as Buy Back Campaign or Cash Your Trash campaign. Physical environment includes beautiful landscaping and ample public facilities. DBKU will focus on
providing shuttle bus service and more cyclist lanes to promote healthy living among the people.

“Social environment takes into account the safety and security elements and harmonious living of the community. DBKU will involve the people in this so that they will have a sense of ownership in their community. Also, DBKU will also work closely with the police, JKKK and Neighbourhood Watch
committees to ensure their respective areas are safe for living,” said Abdul Wahap at the launch of DBKU’s Agenda 2012 yesterday.

He said DBKU had formed a new division, namely the Community Relations and Development Division, to foster closer ties with the people and to get them involved with their activities.

“Economic environment means having job and business opportunities and we will work with the relevant government agencies and private companies to ensure there are ample opportunities for the people and also encourage more tourism-based activities that will contribute greatly to their livelihood,” he said.

DBKU has also introduced a new mission statement – to enhance the quality of life by creating conducive environment and best-in-class service delivery.

“We strive to practise prudent spending, and therefore, all our projects and events will be handled with cost-efficiency and impact in mind, as part of our value management,” Abang Wahap said.