Monday, July 22

Ukraine holidaymakers safe on shore after ‘little adventure’


THANKS FOR THE HELP: Sergei (right) extending his gratitude to a Fire and Rescue Services Department officer for the assistance provided as Tanya and Igor look on.

SANTUBONG: Three holidaymakers from Ukraine had a close brush with death on the first day of their planned weeklong stay here when they were almost swept out to sea by strong currents yesterday.

The trio, Tanya Pinchuk, 29, Igor Kasian, 30, and Sergei Fuzsa, 29, remained in good spirits and were all smiles despite their “little adventure”, which saw worried friends and hotel staff contacting the Fire and Rescue Services Department and the police.

The three friends- part of a larger group of tourists that arrived here on Monday for a seven-day holiday- had wandered a few kilometres along the beach from the hotel resort they were staying when they decided to go for a swim.

“We started out about 11.30am and spent the next four hours walking along the beach, swimming, and picking up small pieces of wood and other items as souvenirs,” said Tanya when met after the incident.

Members of their holiday group, however, became worried over their prolonged absence and notified hotel staff after sea conditions became rough.

The staff used binoculars to scan the beach line, and soon spotted the trio struggling against the waves before they eventually succeeded in making it back to the shore.

A Fire and Rescue Services Department team from the Petra Jaya station and Santubong police, who arrived at the scene by then together with hotel employees led the three friends back to the resort.

When asked if their close call would alter their holiday plans for the remainder of their time here, a smiling Tanya said: “No. We already had a little adventure on our first day and, who knows, maybe we will have more adventures when we visit other places here.”