Tuesday, July 27

Flash flood scenes around Kuching City


Floodwaters begin receding along the Rock Road, Jalan Permata and Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho by late afternoon. – Photo courtesy of Francis Ho

KUCHING: Floodwaters inundated several parts of Kuching City after 12 hours of continuous rain. A massive traffic congestion spread as drivers snake their way through the six roads leading into the city. Many roads were impassable to small vehicles.

Bernama reported a spokesman of the state flood operations room said the flooded roads are Green Road, Batu Kawa Road, Badarudin Road, Matang Road, Tabuan Road and Sultan Tengah Road.

“We received reports of floods in the residential areas of Dewa Wira and Stapok and it is learned that several residents have moved out of their homes,” he said.

There have been no reports so far of schools having to close, he said.

The spokesman said the floodwaters are expected to recede soon as the Sarawak River is at its normal level.

Meanwhile the King Tides for the state are expected from this weekend until January 16 with the highest at six metres on January 12, according to the Sarawak Almanac.

STREETS OF RIVER: Sub urban roads turn into fast flowing streams or rivers as floodwaters quickly rose early this morning. Larger vehicles and brave drivers of smaller vehicles gingerly make their way through the floodwaters. – See Hua Daily News photo


NOT SPARED: This rooster braves the rain as it perch atop its shed to stay out of the floodwaters. – Photo by Jacqueline Atiqah David, Utusan Borneo


Residents of a house in Tabuan Dayak begin to clean up their house after floodwaters entered the ground floor area. – Photo by Jacqueline Atiqah David, Utusan Borneo


TABUAN DAYAK: Floodwaters rushing swiftly turning Jalan Tabuan Dayak into a stream as drivers make their way. – Photo by Jacqueline Atiqah David, Utusan Borneo


STALLED: Small cars stalled as floodwaters rose quickly along several roads around the city. – Utusan Borneo photo


TABUAN RIVER: Usually clogged with debris and garbage, the Tabuan River has swelled and is now free flowing. – Photo by Jacqueline Atiqah David, Utusan Borneo