American tourists complain luggage rummaged


SIBU: Four American tourists following the 10-day Pandaw River Cruise here are furious that their bags that they checked in at Kuching International Airport (KIA) before leaving for Sibu have been rummaged.

Kay O’Neill, 71, from California, said she realised that her iPad was missing from her luggage after her group of 30 people landed at Sibu Airport at 11.30am on Tuesday.

“I thought everything was fine when the airport workers sealed our luggage when we checked in at KIA.

“When we arrived here and after picking the luggage I did not really pay any attention to the seal until I opened it later to find my iPad gone,” she said when met yesterday.

According to her husband, Eugene O’Neill, 74, the seals on both of their luggage were broken. But nothing was taken from his luggage, he said.

“Probably because there was nothing worth stealing from my luggage,” he said.

Eugene said now that his wife was paranoid, she would hold her handbag close to her chest when they toured the town on Tuesday.

“I don’t feel safe anymore. It’s so sad,” Kay said.

She said this was their first visit to Sarawak and they had spent a few fabulous days in Kuching.

The couple also said that they had travelled to other countries but never encountered such problem.

Nancy Feldman, 89, and her husband, Raymond, 90, said it was terrible to have that kind of experience in a foreign country.

“It is a bad thing to do to a tourist,” said the Americans.

Nancy’s luggage was also rummaged but nothing was taken.

Like the O’Neill couple, the Feldmans also believed that the perpetrators were workers at KIA.

“Two of my toiletry bags were unzipped when I checked my luggage on arrival at Sibu Airport.

“It is very upsetting that this could happen in Sarawak,” she said, adding that they had visited the Mulu Cave in Miri before.

The luggage of another American, Alice Tomboulian, was also rummaged.

“Luckily, nothing was stolen from my bag,” she said.

Their tour guide, Lillian Agama, lodged a report at the central police station on the day they arrived here.