Wednesday, July 28

Article on strange sounds over Samarahan picked up by international blog


KUCHING: The Borneo Post article about strange noises over Samarahan sky in the morning of Jan 11 and 12 has been picked up by an international blog dedicated to unexplained and bizarre sounds in the sky heard by witnesses all over the globe.

Before the one in Kampung Meranek in Kota Samarahan near here, the blog apparently posted the last incident captured by a witness in Aaborg Denmark on Jan 10 and the second last one captured by another in Sweden on Nov 1 last year.

The blog called ‘Strange Sounds in the Sky’ carries the sub-heading: ‘What’s up with all of the unexplained sky noises happening around the world’.

Apart from the phrases ‘unexplained’, ‘bizarre’ and ‘strange’, many visitors to the blog also used the terms ‘creepy’, ‘disturbing’, ‘phenomenon’ and ‘fascinated’ in their posts. There were videos complete with strange sounds in the blog for all to see.

The blog owners promised to weed out fake videos and also let people decide on claims by witnesses. They also stressed that they would never present the videos as facts.

Re-titled by the blog as ‘Creepy sky dragon sound in Malaysia,’ The Borneo Post article reported that the strange sounds made some residents in Kampung Meranek perturbed and puzzled on Jan 11. The blog said later on the same day an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 on the Richter scale hit Sumatera in Indonesia.

Whether the strange sounds over Samarahan and the Indonesian earthquake have any relationship, only scientists can verify.

Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Datuk Fadillah Yusuf did not want to jump the gun yesterday.

Although very much interested to find out more, he said he needed to check with the Metrological Department first and foremost for some scientific explanation.

The matter became a hot topic of discussion in Kota Samarahan on that particular day and some residents even documented their experience on Facebook.

Teacher Mohd Ferdauz Jemain, one of those who heard the unexplained bizarre sound that day, shared his experience with The Borneo Post broadsheet and Borneo Post Online.

Apart from the Indonesian earthquake, another theory thrown to explain the phenomenon was the by-product of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme (HAARP) undertaken by the United States to change weather pattern and processing machines hard at work at an oil palm factory owned by Felcra in Kampung Endap.

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