Wednesday, June 16

Civil servant loses car to burglar


KUCHING: A female government servant, in her 50s, yesterday not only received injuries on her hand and back but also lost her Honda Civic to a thief in an early morning incident in front of her house.

The woman had just reached her home in Tabuan Laru when she noticed her front door was open.

As she was opening the gate to park her car, an unknown man from inside her house charged towards her, armed with a wooden stick.

The women fell on the ground in trying to defend herself and the man used the opportunity to drive away her black Honda Civic registration number QAG 6913 as the key was still in the ignition and the engine running.

The thief also got away with the woman’s handbag placed inside her car which contains RM700 cash, an identification card, bank card and other important documents.

A thorough check revealed that the thief had ransacked the house and grabbed a coin box though she was unsure whether other items were also taken.

Her neighbour, a police personnel, informed the mobile patrol vehicle (MPV) before the women was accompanied by her son to the central police station to lodge a report.

She was later sent to hospital for a medical check.

Police are still investigating.