Villager claims Bau Hospital staff acted rudely


KUCHING: A villager from Kampung Grogo has filed a complaint against nurses at Bau Hospital claiming that they acted rudely.

The villager took her grandmother to the hospital’s emergency unit last Sunday to treat the latter’s shortness of breath.

She claimed that hospital staff shouted at them rudely and that the hospital laboratory was slow.

“When the complainant went and checked for the results at the emergency unit, they said it was the laboratory that was slow. But when she went over to the laboratory, she saw there was only one staff there and the person was reading a book,” said Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) national vice-president Voon Shiak Ni, who highlighted the complaint at a press conference yesterday.

Voon said the hospital should improve the way its staff approach patients.

“In cases like this, we expect medical staff to provide not only medical treatment but also give them the supportive spirit they deserve following their illness.

“We hope that the hospital can look into the matter and talk to their staff to upgrade services for people in Bau, especially those in the rural areas,” she added.