Friday, December 4

Villagers still sore over abandoned bridge project


KUCHING: The villagers of Kampung Selampit and Bitokan in Lundu are said to be still sore about the abandoned RM500,000 Selampit-Bitokan bridge project, which was initiated in 2003.

The bridge, which was supposed to connect Kpg Selampit to other villages on the mainland, would have benefitted some 400 families. However, the project was abandoned three months after construction started. Mordi Bimol, the special assistant to Bandar Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen, claimed that the villagers there were angry with the government.

“The villagers are still angry over the abandoned project. The bridge was promised to them by their assemblyman Datuk Peter Nansian Ngusie years ago, purportedly as a Christmas present to the villagers.

“Now they are wondering whether the bridge would ever see the light of day,” Mordi told a press conference here yesterday.

He claimed that a letter on the matter had been sent to the Ministry of Rural Development Ministry last month, and carbon copies sent to the state Public Works Department director and the villages concerned.

“Without the bridge, the villagers of Kpg Selampit still have to rely on boats to move around. In the event of an emergency, this is not convenient at all.”

He added that there was an alternative land route, through Kampung Kempaie, but the plantation road is some 20 km long.

Meanwhile, Batu Kawah assemblywoman Christina Chiew, who was also present, announced that the DAP would be holding a Chinese New Year gathering at its Batu Kawah service centre on Jan 27, beginning at 6.30pm.  The gathering would be attended by its four DAP elected representatives here and potential DAP candidates for the 13th general election.