Sunday, September 27

India develops mini air vehicles


BANGALORE, India: India has developed a string of ‘micro and mini air vehicles’ which can be used to counter low intensity conflicts and for rescue operations during natural calamities.

The flight trials of these tiny vehicles, capable of transmitting live day and night video to the portable Ground Control Station in real time, were conducted at Hoskote near southern state Karnataka, said the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), reports Press Trust of India (PTI).

Aeronautical Development Establishment, a laboratory under the aegis of DRDO, conducted the flight trials on Monday.

Developed jointly by ADE and National Aeropace Laboratories and supported by private vendors, the vehicles are capable of flying in full autonomous mode.

Three Micro Air Vehicles named Black Kite, Golden Hawk and Pushpak with varying sizes ranging from 300 to 450 mm with a maximum all up weight of 300g to 500g were flight demonstrated.

Two mini UAVs called Imperial Eagle and Sly Bird, which are categorized under two kg class vehicles and having an endurance of one hour, were also demonstrated, DRDO sources added. – Bernama