Drunk teacher suspended for making girl students dance


BETUL, Madhya Pradesh: A government-school teacher in Madhya Pradesh’s tribal-dominated Betul district made a boy student fetch liquor for him, drank it in the classroom and then ‘ordered’ girl students to dance for him on Republic Day. What’s more, he then caned them for ‘not dancing well’.

The incident came to light when 30 students and their parents complained to the District Collector’s office of the teacher’s behaviour.

The teacher, Mahesh Malviya, has since been suspended and an FIR lodged against him, Press Trust of India (PTI) reported.

“An enquiry was conducted and the allegations of the parents were found to be true. The teacher has since been suspended,” Betul Collector B Chandrashekhar said.

The school teacher reportedly handed Rs.30 to a student asking him to fetch some country liquor from a shop half a mile away.

He then locked the class room door and asked the girl students to dance for him, while he enjoyed his drink.

When the girls, aged between seven and eleven years, couldn’t dance ‘well-enough’, the teacher caned them.

While, Malviya refuted the charge, claiming that he was the victim of a conspiracy hatched by a woman teacher who wanted him out of the school.

He said: “I have never touched any child. I am only supervising the cultural activities. I did not bring any alcohol to school neither did I ask any boy to get it. My vehicle didn’t have petrol, so I asked a middle school student to bring that for me. A madam has made all this against me to defame me.”

Taking the issue seriously, Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee President, Kantilal Bhuria had sent a committee headed by State Congress General Secretary, Dr Shashi Rajput which after a probe also subtantiated the charges levelled by school girls against the teacher.

The teacher had also been accused of rape, back in 2008, when he was posted in another government school in the district. — Bernama