Thursday, September 24

Indian gov’t considers abolishing all forms of child labour


NEW DELHI: The Indian government is considering making changes in existing laws to abolish all forms of child labour under 18 years, Xinhua reported, citing the local daily The Times of India on Thursday. 

A government panel has recommended amendment to Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act that makes distinction between hazardous and non-hazardous categories of work for children under 14 years, which bans only 18 kinds of dangerous labor for children.

The recommendation came after child rights activists has been demanding for a revision in the definition of child labour to bring uniformity in all laws, and recognise all working children up to 18 years as child labourers, said the report.

The panel also suggested that existing child labour law would to be in tune with the Right to Education (RTE) Act as children cannot be both working and studying (elementary and secondary level) simultaneously, calling for abolition of all form of child labour to ensure effective implementation of the RTE Act.

Child labour is rampant in India and openly practiced in all kinds of forms, ranging from construction work, agriculture and fishery, prostitution to service in road-side tea stalls. – Bernama