Snowdan: Art of photography has endless possibilities


THE STORY BEHIND: Syn (right) briefs Snowdan on one of his artworks.

KUCHING: The ‘Black & White Impressions-Body Sculptures in Light’ exhibition at the Art Museum in Sarawak Museum is proof that the art of photography has endless possibilities.

While photography, especially with people as its subject, is not relatively new, additional creativity as shown in the exhibition is something new and one to be proud of, said Balai Ringin assemblyman Snowdan Lawan at the official opening here yesterday.

“To be able to take the camera and transform the human body into an expression of art requires different eye.

“Exhibitions such as today should be taken as an encouragement to explore new adventure in photography,” he said.

Snowdan, who is representing Minister of Social Development Tan Sri William Mawan, also said that the photographer responsible for all the artwork displayed at the exhibition, Fong Wui Syn, who is the director of WIXIN Photography, was a person with great talent and artistic eye.

“His works are the result of his skillful use of equipment and artistic eye. We can see that he has opened up possibilities in photography that we may not have seen or known before.”

He urged the people to approach Syn to learn about his inspiration and stories behind each photo, and also called on interested agencies and individuals to help the Sarawak Museum Department to showcase their work of art to the public.

Thirty black and white photos of well defined male and female physiques are being exhibited for the first time here from Feb 16 to March 14.