The dark side?


The nutters have been at it again.

Yes, first, just last week, we had that perennial nutter in Perak urging Malay Muslims to go on a jihad. A jihad apparently to defend Islam, the Malays and the institution of Malay rulers. I wonder where that then leaves non-Malay Muslims? Safely at home, I would hope, not taken in by the silly rantings of such an imbecile.

Rightly, he was told off ever-so-politely by a younger, clearly more refined and educated former mufti, who reminded us all that Islam does not condone racism. Implicitly, I think he was reminding us ‘frogs under a coconut shell’ Malaysians that Malay Muslims are not the only Muslims in the world, or necessarily the ones closest to God.

And, really, it is rather sad and pathetic that we regularly need to be reminded of that fact. The fact, that is, that there is a bigger world out there, with people who are more civilized, more intelligent, indeed more caring than us.

But I guess this is what happens when we start believing in nutters and the vile things that they say. Surely it is terribly sad that what they – and their supporters in Malaysian politics and in the media – pass off as legitimate comment would be condemned in a more mature, civilized society as hate speech.

And to ward off more criticism, a myth is constantly perpetuated that this is an issue meant only to be discussed by Muslims, and certain Muslims at that. Poppycock.

If someone were to allege that there is a need to defend Islam (or any other religion), surely we, all of us, have a right to know against whom and/or what are the adherents are supposed to do defend the religion? And why? And what evidence is there to prove that there are these groups threatening the religion?

In this regard, solar-powered implements do not qualify as ‘evidence’. Not even by moronic Malaysian standards.

Just to prove that even nutters travel in packs, it was revealed last week that a children’s sex education book, Where Did I Come From?, by British author, Peter Mayle, was being banned.

This followed complaints by Umno Youth who alleged that the 44 page book contains “extreme and highly explicit pornogaphic content”.

Apparently they – and I suppose the ministry that oversaw the ban – found it terribly offensive and, in the wise words of the ministry official, ‘could threaten moral values’.

Again, why? Because, according to one news report, the book contains materials that ‘describe the act of sexual intercourse and how the male and female genitalia function during this process.’

And, how, pray tell would a book titled “Where Did I Come From?” and subtitled “The facts of life without any nonsense and with illustrations” do so without describing “the act of sexual intercourse and how the male and female genitalia function during this process”?

Listen, current official police reports for the whole of Malaysia indicate that for the past five years at least, cases of baby abandonment average about 100 a year. And these are just reported cases.

Like it or not, there clearly is a need to address this problem of our unwed young getting pregnant and abandoning their babies at childbirth. And, yes, the figures also indicate that many Malays are among those involved.

And you think banning educational books because they contain illustrations which you find ‘dirty’ is going to help us all address these very real and very tragic related problems of unwed pregnancies and baby abandonment?

If you do, then you really are like these nutters.

These are the same nutters who, while condemning an educational book because their perverse childhood makes them unable to discern smut from smart, would say nothing against the often reported cases of (forced) incest and, indeed, would find it perfectly okay for a minor to be married off to an adult.

Just like that poor 14-year-old kid not that long ago, whom the religious authorities allowed to be married off to her religious teacher.

And you – you nutters – have the gall to say, nay, to swear, that you are ‘protecting’ our children, our religion?