Friday, July 10

Jeffrey taken to task over accusations


KOTA KINABALU: Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) vice president Datuk Herbert T Lagadan has taken STAR Sabah Chapter chairman Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan for his accusations against Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan.

“How could he (Jeffrey) accuse Pairin of betraying the state and the people’s interest by working with and supporting Umno. Has he forgotten that sometime ago he had applied to join Umno?

“By using his less known name Gapari, he had managed to get an Umno membership but that was revoked after it was revealed that Gapari was in fact Jeffrey himself,” said the Kadamaian assemblyman.

This goes to prove that Jeffrey was not only supporting Umno but he wanted to join the party, Herbert said, adding that has Jeffrey forgotten that he had also worked with Umno during his tenure as a deputy minister under Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad’s era?

“It seems to me that his political equation does not tally. Even after he left PKR there was an effort by him through an intermediary to rejoin PBS, the party which he had rejected twice because he said PBS was a sinking ship,” Herbert opined.

To him, Jeffrey is a cunning politician who Herbert claimed is unpredictable and capable of doing anything and promising anything in order to get what he wants.

He is highly educated but he does not possess the wisdom and kind heart of Pairin. Why must Jeffrey stoop so low to discredit and tell lies about his own brother? he lamented. By his own follies, Herbert said, Jeffery is exposing his level and quality of leadership.