Wednesday, March 3

P1 to introduce fibre optics broadband with 4G service by the end of March


KUALA LUMPUR: Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (P1), which aims to spend RM750 million to RM900 million on its three-year P1 2.0 Evolution Plan unveiled yesterday, will introduce fibre optics broadband with 4G wireless service end of this month.

P1 is the only telecommunications company in Malaysia to offer the exclusive combination for a premium service at a fixed location with 4G wireless convenience broadband.

With the deployment of a long-term evolution-enabled network by mid-2013, P1, a subsidiary of Green Packet Bhd, will transform itself into a mobile company to offer more than just broadband solutions and expects to return to the black.

“For this year, capital expenditure will be close to RM250 million,” P1 chief executive officer, Michael Lai, said at a media briefing yesterday.

The P1 2.0 Evolution Plan would address three major areas namely offering the best of both worlds, spearheading 4G Time Division Long Term Evolution (TD LTE) and bridging the great business divide.

He said the company would continue to grow its momentum in the nomadic services segment as the customers would benefit from the dual WiMAX and TD LTE technologies beyond 2012, a shift from its large screen-only broadband and Internet services.

Anyone with a smartphone or multi media device would be able to access P1’s broadband, fixed voice, value-added services, and applications and mobile services next year.

“Today, our customer base is about 400,000 and by year end we expect to cross 500,000 customers and about 750,000 customers next year.

“In 2014, we should be crossing one million base via this new innovation,” he said.

P1 is also the first 4G service provider in Southeast Asia to join the ranks of global operators in the Global TD LTE initiative.

Most of P1 base stations had a dual-mode of 4G WiMAX and TD LTE technologies that were built to complement each other and ultimately paved a systematic transition to advanced TD LTE.

“By year end, we expect 2,300 sites,” Lai added.

Lai said P1 would also be concentrating on helping businesses to become more efficient, productive and more profitable by extending offers to the business market, especially small and medium businesses.

“The Malaysian small and medium businesses are underserved in communication technology and its benefits, thus we see a lot of momentum there for development for them to be more competitive locally and globally,” he added.

The company would be coming out with designated packages for this purpose, he said adding that 90 per cent of its customers are consumer based currently. — Bernama