Sunday, July 5

‘PediaSuit’ helps cerebral palsy patient walk


NEW HOPE: Liana is able to stand up and walk with the PediaSuit.

KUCHING: Liana is a 5-year-old Iban girl who cannot walk due to cerebral palsy (CP).

A new hope came to her last year when she became the first child in Sarawak to own a ‘PediaSuit’, thanks to the generous support of a local school.

The PediaSuit is a padded suit overlaid with connecting rubber pulleys which create a virtual framework to stabilise her trunk and lower limbs, correct her posture and develop her balance.

She wears her PediaSuit for at least an hour every day, during both conventional physiotherapy and ‘Spider Therapy’, a new treatment for CP and other neurological disorders.

In ‘Spider Therapy’, bungee cords are attached to a belt which she wears to hold her body up in correct alignment. Once she is positioned, she is able to move through her therapy exercises without painful stress on her joints, whilst her therapist has both hands free to facilitate her correct movement patterns.

This Saturday from 3.30pm to 5pm, Liana will assist in the live demonstration of both PediaSuit and Spider Therapy at The Therapy Playroom, first floor, No. 89, Jalan Dogan.

There is no charge for this event, which is targeted at therapists, care workers and parents of children with cerebral palsy.