Saturday, September 26

Wong doubts if DAP can win six seats


SIBU: It would be a feat to say the least if DAP can win half of the 12 seats it is eyeing to win in the coming general election.

“We know how it is on the ground. Let them set a target. As far as I am concerned they cannot even achieve half the number,” SUPP Sibu branch chairman Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh told reporters here yesterday.

Wong, who is also Second Finance Minister and Minister of Local Government and Community Development, was asked if DAP target was realistic.

On Monday, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng claimed that the peninsual-based opposition party was eyeing 12 seats in the state, half of which were rural seats. He was confident that the state DAP would make a breakthrough this coming polls.

On the Chinese sentiments towards BN, Wong believed the political pendulum was swinging in their favour.

“It looks like it is swinging towards us now. But by how much, I don’t know. We can cover the lost ground,” he said.