Thieves target computers, rations at pre-schools


KUCHING: Two pre-school facilities were discovered broken into early yesterday by thieves who helped themselves to the children’s rations.

One of the incidents, which took place at a government-run kindergarten along Jalan Matang-Malihah, saw the theft of a computer set, children’s vitamins and rations in the form of biscuits, milk and instant noodles.

The perpetrators appeared to have gained entry from a window in the rear of the kindergarten after prying open the grille.

A police report of the break-in was lodged.

The second case saw a nursery located in Kampung Gita, Petra Jaya fall victim to thieves.

A computer set and various food items were carted away.

Total loss suffered by the operator, who discovered the break-in when arriving to open the premises, was not ascertained. Police are investigating both incidents.