Thursday, September 19

Miri stands to benefit from using green technology


MIRI: This resort city stands to benefit from greater application of green technology as the country shifts gear towards its vision of becoming a high-income and developed nation.

The Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water Datuk Seri Peter Chin Fah Kui was asked to comment on his plans for the city after flagging off SK St Columba joggerthon in the morning and joining its staff for breakfast.

“The application of green technology will help boost the city’s image as a resort city, which will also help the country realise its vision of becoming a high-income and developed nation,” said Chin when briefing the media after breakfast.

Chin explained that there were many ways to use green technology to benefit the city, such as using renewable resources and environment-friendly techniques.

“Miri will need a new central sewage system like the one being installed in Kuching,” said Chin who saw the need to replace septic tanks being used traditionally by every home and office in the city.

He noted that septic tanks require regular maintenance to remove the sludge that tends to accumulate over the years, while a centralised sewage system will eliminate such problems and produce cleaner discharge of waste water into the river.

He hoped that the city will have its own centralised sewage system in future, which is more efficient and cost-effective for the fast expanding urban population in the long run.

“We’ll have to work with the state government on this major project which will be good for Miri, especially with its fast expanding population,” said Chin who is looking into ways to upgrade the standard of living of city folk through his Ministry.

Meanwhile, he urged Miri folks to play their role as responsible citizens in keeping the city safe and clean, like disposing of rubbish properly and recycling.