Wong urges bodybuilders to help associations


NO PUSHOVERS: Wong tries his hand on the weightlifting equipment.

SIBU: Second Finance Minister Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh reminded bodybuilders and weightlifters to play vital roles to enhance the growth of their associations.

He said they should not only stay at the sideline but their active participation would go a long way to help propel their association towards greater height.

“The more activities the association organised, the more you can attract the people to your association. In the long run, this will ensure the growth of your association,’ he said at the official opening of Sibu Bodybuilding and Weightlifting Association (SBWA) new premises at Sibu Civic centre.

Among those at the function included the RPA chairman Vincent Goh.

Registered in 1985, SBWA had over 1,000 members. However, only about 200 to 300 members remained active.

Wong said this would not augur well for the development of SBWA and he hoped to see more active participation from the members alike.

“It is not that you come to do the necessary exercise only. At the same time, your presence at the SBWA could also help nurture friendship and solidarity among members of SBWA.”

On the new premises, Wong said budding bodybuilders and weightlifters could also make use of the place which they could call ‘home.’

He said all this were made possible through the association close cooperation with his ministry and it was through his arrangement with the management of the Civic centre that SBWA was finally allowed to operate their business at the Civic centre.

As such, he reminded the bodybuilders and weightlifters to follow the rules and regulations stipulated by SBWA to ensure that no untoward incidence will happen.

“Now that you have a place called home, the onus is on you yourself to make full use of the new premises and to treasure your new found premises”.

In that respect, Wong also called on the corporate companies to donate more equipment so that youngsters could make use of the centre.

He again reminded budding bodybuilders there was no shortcut to success if they wanted to become a successful bodybuilders.

“To excel, there is no shortcut to success. It is important that you do your exercise consistently to attain success,’ he said.

“Do not do anything just for the sake of doing. Learn and enjoy doing what you do for in the process of enjoying, you will make improvement.”