Bersih 3.0 gathering at Chuan Corridor on April 28


READY FOR ACTION: Sibu Bersih committee has geared up for their sit-down event at Chuan Corridor at Sibu Town Square. From left are Wong Meng Chok, Hii and Ling King Lung.

SIBU: Bersih Sibu Working Committee has called on members of the public who are concerned with the nation’s election system to gather at Chuan Corridor for a peaceful two-hour sit-down protest on April 28 beginning at 2pm.

Its chief Dominic Hii told a press conference yesterday that they were coordinating the effort with their national body in Kuala Lumpur. He confirmed that Bersih Sibu working committee had been formed, and that their role was to co-ordinate and organise simultaneous events with their main body in Kuala Lumpur for Sibu.

“Bersih 3.0 Sit-down event is held concurrently with Himpunan Hjau 3.0.”

He said Bersih 3.0 was co-hosted by 84 NGOs throughout the nation.

“We shall continue to push through three main points in our demands for the Election Commission to resign, for the government to meet the eight demands of Bersih on the improvement of the election system, and for allowing international and local election observers in the general election.”

He said Himpunan Hijau 3.0 was demanding the government to stop Lynas rare earth operation.

“We are calling on the people to join the event to carry forward the message the people want electoral reforms and better governance.”

He said a series of events would be hosted to kick start the sit-down, including JOM 100 campaign and distribution of badges, stickers and leaflets.

He said T-shirt would also be available at RM15 each, adding those interested could contact Ling King Lung (0168606541), Wong Huong Lung (0168685066) and Simon Tiong (0168884701).

“The JOM 100 campaign will be launched at Friendship Centre at Merak Road on April 21. Three speakers will be invited.”

He said JOM 100 was to encourage people to register and turn up for voting.