Thursday, September 28

State DAP veep: We want Stampin


ADAMANT: Chong (left) speaking to reporters after the ceremony in Siburan yesterday.

KUCHING: The DAP will contest in Stampin in the coming 13th general election, irrespective of whether its coalition partner PKR gives way or not.

State DAP vice-chairman Chong Siew Chiang said it was “something ridiculous” for PKR to stake a claim over this predominantly-Chinese parliamentary constituency.

“By right, this seat is a non-issue because results from past elections have clearly indicated that the majority of the people there (Stampin) supported the DAP, whereas PKR even lost its deposit.

“All these must be considered so that we can make sensible decisions. But what is very disappointing is that after a series of meetings, this matter still could not be resolved,” Chong told reporters at the installation of signboards of the newly-launched DAP Mambong branch in Siburan here yesterday.

Asked to comment on speculations that the DAP would move its Bandar Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen to Stampin and field political rookie Dr Tang Sie Hing in Bandar Kuching, Chong said such a possibility could not be ruled out.

“We don’t rule out such a possibility. Of course we will put our strongest candidates in the toughest seats as our purpose is to win. Winning one more seat means one more chance to go to Putrajaya.”

Chong said the DAP was even prepared to contest in Mambong if given the chance.

However, he admitted that the party was relatively new in that constituency so it was best to sit down with PKR to see who has the best chance to unseat the BN.

“Of course it is our hope that the DAP would be given the chance to represent PR in Mambong, but, whoever gets the seat will have our full support.”

He said in the event the seat was given to the DAP the party would field a Bidayuh candidate.

“Since it is a Bidayuh majority area, of course we will nominate a Bidayuh candidate. After all, DAP is a multiracial party.”

Among those present at the event yesterday were DAP elected representatives Violet Yong (Pending assemblywoman), Wong King Wei (Padungan) and Christina Chiew (Batu Kawah).